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Announce - RiSearch Pro

      New extended version of search script will be released soon. Many new features will be available in this script:

  • Results sorting by relevancy, file size, date.
  • Compact database.
  • Keywords highlighting in results.
  • Advanced search, with possibility to use logical operators (AND, OR, NOT).
    For example: (word1 AND word2) OR (word3 OR word4)
  • Searching in whole site, one part or several parts of site.

      This script will be released in september-oktober 2001.


      RiSearch - simple but powerful search engine. This script is NOT meant to replace such powerful search systems like ht://Dig and Glimpse, and of course it can't compete with commercial software which costs thousands of dollars. RiSearch intended for small and medium sites with 1000-10000 files and total volume about 10-100Mb. It should be quite enough for most amateur sites. However, script is powerful enough to work with much larger number of files.


      You may download this script free for noncommercial purposes.

risearch-0.99.08 (last changes 22.11.01)


  1. RiSearch does not use any libraries or database systems, just pure Perl. Therefore, it could be used on any server where you have account with CGI (even on some free hosting providers).

  2. Contrary to the big search systems, like ht://Dig or Glimpse, source code of RiSearch takes about 20 kilobytes. Any webmaster with average knowledge of perl is able to get himself familiar with script algorithm and to modify it according to his needs.

  3. Script is able to work with different languages.

  4. Simple and convenient query language.

  5. RiSearch uses platform independent binary files which can be used on any system. Therefore, it is possible to index local copy of your site on your home computer under Windows, and then use produced files on remote server.


      For demonstration of script capabilities Locus index (5500 files, 130Mb of text information) was indexed. You can test it and see searching speed:

Search mode: "AND" "OR"


Ver. 0.99.08 - 03.11.2001
Script now can search in one or multiple site subsections.
Fixed bug in keywords with several dashes (like 323-321-234).
New indexing scheme available.
Ver. 0.99.07 - 21.10.2001
Fixed bug in spider.pl.
Ver. 0.99.06 - 21.09.2001
Fixed bug in spider.pl.
Ver. 0.99.05 - 25.07.2001
Several bugs fixed.
Ver. 0.99.05 - 11.06.2001
Fixed two small bugs.
Now you can convert URL to lower case during indexing.
Ver. 0.99.05 - 08.06.2001
Added simple spidering script.
Ver. 0.99.04 - 06.06.2001
Fixed bug in international characters support.
Ver. 0.99.04 - 08.05.2001
Now you may use templates for script output customizing.
Indexer was rewritten and now it is about 30 percent faster.
Many insignificant changes have been made.
Ver. 0.99.03 - 06.04.2001
Several non critical bugs fixed.
Ver. 0.99.03 - 05.01.2001
Fixed bug with mutliline tag TITLE.
LOG function added.
Ver. 0.99.02 - 30.10.2000
Stopword list added.
In script output content of META description or content of page can be used.
Indexer will not produce errors when it started from browser as CGI script.
Several non critical bugs fixed.
Ver. 0.99.01 - 04.09.2000
All configurable parameters are now located in separate config.pl file.
Added META and IMG ALT tags indexing.
Numbers and words with hyphen are now indexed correctly.
Added configurable minimum word length.
Configurable number of results per page in output.
Added support for special characters (like È or &x255;).
Added list of files, which should not be indexed.

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